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Hello, girls! You will love this video as it is full of cool ideas that will help you to look flawless without spending a ton of money! Stop doing everything and watch these beauty tips:
-If you have skin imperfections or uneven tone, try this mask: mix egg whites with shaving tone. Apply this mask and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse and enjoy the effect
-Check out how to use coffee for dark circles
-Homemade sugaring paste is a great way to cut costs on beauty products. In a bowl, mix sugar, honey and lemon juice. Stir and microwave for 30 seconds.
-We know a truly cool idea on how to make a sheet mask at home. Supplies you will need spring roll paper, chamomile tea, and honey. Mix warm chamomile tea with honey and soak spring roll paper in it. Apply the paper on your face. This mask has a moisturizing effect
-You can make a cheap scrub for your skin using lemon and sugar
-If you are out of lip gloss, you can make it at home
-If you are out of makeup remover, you can easily replace it with coconut oil
-Make a facial toner from tomato juice and honey. Apply this mask using a makeup brush. Leave a mask for 5 minutes and rinse
-You will be surprised but you can make a facial mask from green tea. Mix green tea with cucumber juice
-Dry skin on hands might be a great problem especially when it’s cold outside. Don’t worry, you can make a perfect mask for your hands. Melt old candles, cover your hands with almond oil and place hands in wax. Take hands out and cover with a plastic bag. Leave for 15 minutes. After that remove the wax and enjoy the result.

00:13 DIY Facial mask
00:46 Coffee for dark circles
01:08 Homemade sugaring paste
01:47 Inexpensive sheet mask
02:27 Lemon scrub
10:06 Paraffin mask for hands

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