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Being fashionable requires the knowledge of some cool hacks we are ready to share with you. This video if full of weird but working fashion and beauty tricks.
You look at your pictures and your face look not so good. Don’t panic! Yes, double chin spoils every selfie but we will show you perfect exercises to get rid of double chin and you will love your selfies again. Face massage you will learn could help you to lose face fat and avoid double chin and chubby cheeks.
Curvy hips are incredibly popular today. But if you are too skinny, we have an idea that will surprise you. Watch our video and find an unusual way to use sanitary pads. Check out how to shorten your belt in 2 minutes.
Every girl dream about perfect manicure and you don’t need to be a nail artist to create perfect nail art. You don’t need to buy a matte coat, use the steam instead. Apply a thick layer of your favorite nail polish, pour some water into a pot to boil, keep your hands over it and let the steam do the work! Ombre nails look gorgeous and you can make ombre manicure at home using a kitchen sponge. Next idea seems crazy but you can fix a broken nail using a tea bag. Cut a square from a tea bag. Cover the nail with a base coat and put a tea bag square on it. Cover with a second layer of base coat. Ready! You will find more manicure ideas for any taste. Moreover, you can make stylish phone cases using nail polish.
You will find more weird beauty ideas: an easy way to curl your hair using a plastic bottle or a plastic cup; perfect makeup to make your lips fuller; use a credit card to line your eyes.

01:26 Stylish phone case
02:30 Want curvy hips?
04:06 Add volume to your hair
05:21 Matte manicure
07:47 Weird ways to curl hair
11:26 Get rid of double chin

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