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Watch this video and find a lot of ideas on how to wrap gifts for your beloved ones. All these tutorials are very easy and you don’t need to have special crafting skills. You will find easy ways to wrap various items and shapes: how to wrap boxes, bottles, flowers, sweets and more. You will learn how to make wax seals and to customize your gifts. If you need a tiny gift bag for jewelry, you can easily make it from wrapping paper. Watch the tutorial. Reuse plastic bags and make flowers to decorate gifts or to make a whole bouquet. Sweets look rather boring as a gift but you can make a cute box decorated with a flower. The envelope is a rather boring way to pack a gift card, and we know how to pack it in a cheap and very beautiful way. Check out how to wrap a champagne bottle in crepe paper and make a cool gift. One more cool idea is to decorate greeting cards with bubbles. The drawing technique we love is bubble drawing. The supplies you will need dishwashing soap, water, paint, and straw. Mix all the ingredients in a glass and blow bubbles. Then cover paper with bubbles to make a cute greeting card for your mom. Also, you can decorate gift bags using this technique. You will have a lot of fun! A lot of people think that money is the most practical gift ever and also it’s one of the most popular gifts ever. But usually, it’s a great problem to wrap money and make it really beautiful. We know the most creative ways and your friends will be totally impressed by your creativity! Watch our video and learn how to use such ordinary things as empty pizza boxes, empty packs from McDonald's and more. The best idea is to make a money box and pull out a chain of dollars or make elegant origami butterflies out of cash. If you want to make a creative money gift for a girl - make money butterflies that look so cute.

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00:09 Creative ways to wrap gifts
01:13 How to wrap a champagne bottle
01:41 How to make a tiny gift bag
07:15 Bubble drawing technique
08:26 How to wrap cash gifts

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